Coaching sessions are very individual, no 2 people will experience the same thing. I will work with you to identify clear goals before creating a coaching programme which will take you on an exciting journey to achieve them. Some of the challenges coaching can help you overcome include:

  • Self-belief and self-esteem
  • Mental well-being
  • Phobias
  • Work-life balance
  • Goal achievement
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Bereavement
  • Improved relationships
  • Career transition
  • Stress management
  • Return to work

A combination of coaching and psychology allows me to employ a variety of techniques tailored personally to you, to guide you through your journey such as:

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programmes).

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC)

Is a powerful coaching model that draws on evidence based psychological models. The strategies, activities, techniques and exercises used are effective in helping individuals identify and challenge individual thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are self-defeating.

Behavioural Assessment

The use of psychometric tools to identify your personal behavioural preferences and strengths.  This gives you the opportunity to develop your self-insight, understand your impact on others and build on your natural strengths.

Coaching helps you to think differently and learn for yourself what is best for you.  A coach will not tell you what to do but will guide you to broaden your thinking and find solutions which you didn’t think possible.

Coaching is a very honest experience; you will be amazed by some of the insights and feedback on your thoughts and behaviour that support you in moving forward. The focus is always on positive change: stating this is where I am now, what do I want next or what do I want to be different?